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Pup Abandoned in Heartbreaking Photo Now Has a Real Bed: 'He's Living the Dream!'

Playing Pup Abandoned in Heartbreaking Photo Now Has a Real Bed: 'He's Living the Dream!'

"Boo," the poor pup that was left abandoned outside with the trash, now has a new bed to sleep in.

Mike Diesel, who rescued the dog, snapped photos of Boo lying outside on a mattress in a heartbreaking, viral photo after his family apparently left him alone next to garbage.

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After the story went national, tons of messages poured in to inquire about adopting the dog.

“I was able to look through hundreds [of potential owners] and then happened to find the perfect one that is only about four blocks from my building so I'm able to see him often and was there yesterday for a few,” Diesel told

And there’s no more McDonald’s Sausage McMuffins for Boo, which Diesel fed him to gain his trust before rescuing him.

The pit bull has now upgraded to a diet of filet mignon, according to Diesel.

“He’s living the dream!” Diesel said.

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After seeing the poor dog’s story on the news, his new owner contacted Diesel, saying that the dog was a perfect fit.

“She sent me pictures this morning of them cuddling,” Diesel said.

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