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Woman Pleads Guilty to Robbing Bank While Babysitting 2 Children

Playing Woman Pleads Guilty to Robbing Bank While Babysitting 2 Children

A Colorado woman was sentenced to six years in prison after robbing a bank while babysitting two children, using the kids as part of her plot to get the money, authorities said.

Rachel Einspahr, 28, pleaded guilty on Friday in connection to the May 13 incident, when police reportedly say she made off with $500 from Colorado East Bank & Trust in Severance after claiming that she and the children were in danger.

Einspahr passed a note to a bank teller in the bank’s drive-through that claimed there was a man with a gun demanding money and threatening the children in the back seat of the car, officials said.

“I think the teller was just worried about the children and wanted that person to be appeased,” Weld County Sheriff’s Cpl. Matt Turner told at the time.

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One of the children later told police there was no man in the car.

“To expose children to that type of activity when they’re in your care is a breach of trust,” prosecutor Kathryn Wilson said.

Einspahr was also accused of stealing about $32,000 from a small, local business she managed for someone else, the Tribune wrote.

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The list of charges in connection to the bank robbery and the theft from the small business convinced Einspahr to plead guilty, her attorney said.

Einspahr faces a total of six years in prison as her sentences for the theft, forgery and attempted robbery will run concurrently, officials said.

She is being held at the Weld County Sheriff's Office, online records show.

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