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Man Photographed Comforting Mother Cow After She Lost Her Calf During Labor

(Kayla Tipps) (Kayla Tipps)

When a cow lost her baby while in labor on Mother’s Day, a Texas man was photographed lying in the grass and offering his support for the heartbroken mom.

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Benjamin Tipps, 29, of Borger, cuddled up next to a friend’s cow after her baby died in labor as his wife, Kayla, 29, snapped a picture.

“She was crushed — just devastated, and she was tired from the labor,” Kayla told “She laid down, and Ben laid down and was kind of massaging her and comforting her.”

She explained the cow had been in labor for several days when the sac containing the calf burst on Sunday. Her baby died instantly, and the cow was forced to deliver her stillborn calf.

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“We didn’t think she would have any problems,” Kayla said, explaining this would have been her second calf. Her first, born last year, is healthy and growing quickly.

Kayla said the mother cow is recovering after losing her calf.

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