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Never Too Early to Start! Watch This Hornless Baby Rhino Practice His Charge

Playing Never Too Early to Start! Watch This Hornless Baby Rhino Practice His Charge

A newborn baby rhino has been filmed practicing his charging techniques inside the St. Louis Zoo earlier this month.

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The rhino, named Moyo, doesn’t even have a horn yet but that didn't stop him from pushing head-first into a spool in his pen, and the whole interaction was caught on video.

Moyo, which is Swahili for “heart,” lived up to his name as he proved he had nothing but that. Moyo pushed the spool around his pen from the middle of the area to the outer rim and would not stop.

The critically endangered black rhino calf was born last month at the Missouri zoo to mother Taki Rain and father Ajabu.


We are proud to announce the birth of a male black rhinoceros calf on Wednesday, May 17. Moyo (pronounced MOY-oh), which means “heart” in Swahili, is the second offspring for mother Kati Rain (pronounced Katie Rain) and father Ajabu (pronounced ah-JAH-boo). The little male is nursing well and being cared for by his mother, according to the Zoo’s rhino care team. The pair is bonding in their barn behind the scenes in River’s Edge. A date has not yet been set for their public debut. Video by keeper Joshua Sydney-Smith. #animalalways #blackrhino #zoobabies

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Since his birth, the zoo has reported on his progress as he grows.

His birth is a part of the zoo's efforts to repopulate the black rhino population.

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There are currently 60 Eastern black rhinos living in captivity in zoos around the U.S. and an estimated 5,000 left in the wild.

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