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Boy Dancing in 'Macarena' Video Gets Hauled Into Saudi Arabia Police Station

A Saudi teen had some explaining to do after he performed the 90s dance craze in public.  (Twitter) A Saudi teen had some explaining to do after he performed the 90s dance craze in public. (Twitter)

When in Saudi Arabia, don’t do the "Macarena."

The 90s dance craze apparently doesn’t go over well in the kingdom, as one teen can tell you.

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A 14-year-old boy who was videotaped shaking his tail feathers to the song in a Jeddah crosswalk was brought in for questioning by police.

The teen was wearing headphones as he danced in front of cars waiting at a traffic light.

The boy was released this week after he and his guardian promised “the teen will not engage in behavior that could endanger his life and the life of others again,” an Interior Ministry spokesman told CNN in a statement.

"The notification was solely intended to warn the boy about potential consequences for his own safety, as well as to safeguard the overall safety of motorists and pedestrians," the statement said.

The video was actually taken a year ago, but apparently came to the attention of authorities only recently.

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The country strictly enforces Sharia Islamic law. Women are banned from driving and alcohol is not permitted in the kingdom.

The boy's name was not revealed.

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