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Documentary Chronicles Navy SEAL's Transition From Man To Woman

Chris Beck used to be a Navy SEAL, a member of the legendary SEAL Team Six, the unit that took down Osama bin Laden. But the grizzled 20-year veteran of the elite warrior force is now living as a woman.

Chris Beck is now Kristin Beck. She still wears her medals for heroism on her dress.

Beck's life is the subject of a new documentary from CNN films, Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story. The film shows her putting on make-up and going shooting at the gun range. Also, hitting a beach in a bikini.

Beck told INSIDE EDITION, "The documentary has aired already at some film festivals."

Watch Beck's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Chris Beck has a proud service record. He actually sat in Saddam Hussein's throne after the dictator was overthrown.

Kristin Beck has a sense of humor about the hormone replacement therapy she's been undergoing for the last year, telling INSIDE EDITION, "I have lost a little bit of strength. But I think I got smarter, so it kind of offsets itself. Just kidding.”

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