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Bending The Truth: Apple Fights Back Against iPhone Bending Reports

Is it all a hoax?

One guy posted a video and demonstrated how the new iPhone 6 plus supposedly bends. It has been viewed more than 34 million times. It was such a powerful piece of video it was a factor in Apple's stock taking a nosedive Thursday wiping out nearly $23 billion in value.  

However, at the beginning of the demonstration, the phone started to bend, the clock on the screen is visible and it read 2:26. Then, the phone bends even more. Then, the time on the screen says 1:58. That’s 28 minutes earlier.

John Fort of CNBC told INSIDE EDITION, "There are some questions out there about the guy bending his phone. Unless he has got a time machine, people are wondering, 'What is the truth here?'"

Now Apple is fighting back, inviting reporters in to their so-called “iPhone Torture Chamber” for the first time in the company's legendary history.

Apple says more than 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ have sold since the products were introduced last Friday and only "nine customers" have complained about them bending.

INSIDE EDITION’s Meghan Alexander couldn't bend her iPhone 6 Plus.

As for the man in the video with the demonstration, he tweeted, "The damn phone bent. End of story. Lol."

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