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Golf Gets A Boost From Caddy Girls

You've never seen golf caddies like The Caddy Girls! They hit the links with golfers, raking sand traps, making club selections, and reading the green.

Meghan Tarmey started The Caddy Girls when she was in college. She now employs more than 200 girls across America.

She told INSIDE EDITION, ‘We're like golf's cheerleaders. We do anything a male caddy would do, we just look cuter doing it.”  

Watch These Sexy Caddies In Action

INSIDE EDITION was there as The Caddy Girls took part in a charity golf tournament at the Loews Golf Club in Miami Beach.  

She said, "They go through a long training process, we train them on the golf course. We try to emphasize and get them playing golf themselves."

They mingle closely with the golfers, but it's not what you think.

Tarmey said, “There's no hanky panky whatsoever. We have strict guidelines and standards of conduct and contracts on file with every single girl that works for us.”  

So, next time you see a backflip for a birdie there may just be a caddy girl on the green!

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