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Sad 'Charlie Brown' Christmas Tree Finds New Home

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is what you call a Christmas tree!

Meanwhile, a 50-foot Christmas tree in the town of Reading, Pennsylvania, has droopy branches and the needles are falling off. It's not a hit with the local crowd.

One woman said, "It just reminds me of Charlie Brown."

She's referring to the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, in which the tree is really pathetic. Pathetic until the kids give it a little loving care and make it beautiful.

But in real life, it was a different story. In Reading, they had announced plans to get rid of the poor tree, and replace it with a better one.

"That's Tree-son," cried the headline in the Daily Mail.

Bruce Hendrixson runs the local Audi dealership and offered to adopt the orphaned tree.

Holding up a miniature of the Charlie Brown tree, Hendrixson said, "I even have the Charlie Brown tree here. I thought it was something we could bring here, embrace the fact it wasn't a perfect tree, and try and bring out the holiday spirit."

But don't despair, there's a happy ending for the sappy tree! The town has had a change of heart, and the tree is staying put. It's the triumph of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

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