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Ferguson Police Shooting Ignites Heated Blame Game

Playing Ferguson Police Shooting Ignites Heated Blame Game

Chaos in Ferguson, Missouri, as two officers were shot on Wednesday night, and now the blame game begins.

Lou Dobbs said on Fox News, “There are so many forces at work here and so many people that deserve considerable blame to go around for fomenting this environment that this could occur. Chief among them, in my opinion, is the President of the United States and attorney general.”

On CNN, a completely different viewpoint. Missouri state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal said, "Let's be fair here. Yes, we are concerned about police officers who are being attacked but I am also concerned about the African-Americans who are attacked every single day and have bullets through their heads by police officers."

The outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder spoke out on Thursday. He said, "What happened last night was a full on ambush. This was not someone who was trying to bring healing to Ferguson, this was a damn punk."

The search is underway for the culprit.

Ferguson Police Chief Jon Belmar said in a press conference, "We are lucky by God's grace that we didn't lose two officers last night."

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