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Melissa Rivers Says Kathy Griffin 'S*** All Over My Mother's Legacy'

Playing Melissa Rivers Says Kathy Griffin 'S*** All Over My Mother's Legacy'

It's war!

Melissa Rivers blasted Kathy Griffin over her abrupt decision to leave Fashion Police, the show created by her mom, the late Joan Rivers.

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She said, “My biggest complaint was the feeling that she kind of [expletive] all over my mother's legacy.”

Melissa spoke with Hoda Kotb at the 92nd Street Y in New York City about the drama surrounding the show that was stirred up when Giuliana Rancic mocked Disney star Zendaya.

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First Kelly Osbourne quit, then, Griffin, who had replaced the legendary Joan Rivers.

So what would Joan have done to quell the controversy?

Melissa said, “She would have called Giuliana and yelled at Giuliana. She would have called at Kelly and yelled at Kelly and said ‘Stop it!’”

Melissa then took one final pot shot at Griffin.

“I understand what you're doing you're trying to save yourself but don’t [expletive] all over my mother,” she said.

Watch Below: Melissa Rivers Shares Plans for Joan's Ashes

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