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American Idol Contestant Pia Toscano's Post-Elimination Medical Scare

Pia Toscano is speaking out about her medical scare on-stage at American Idol moments after her shocking elimination overwhelmed her.

"I was not really breathing that much so I was trying to stay composed," Toscano told INSIDE EDITION.

Paramedics were actually called to help her off the stage.

"I kind of lost my breath for a minute because I was thinking, I was reflecting, 'This is it. It's over,'" said Toscano.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Toscano back home in New York as some American Idol fans are urging idol producers to break the rules by bringing her back and giving Stefano Langone the boot instead!

"Oh no, everybody deserves to be there. It's nobody's fault. It's just the way it happened," said Toscano.

She says she was heartened by the judges' support after she was voted off: "I was so blown away I couldn't believe it. It was so much to take in. To have their support has been everything to me."

Toscano, according to reports, has already signed a record deal.

"It was my time to go on the show. I'm looking forward to great opportunities to come," Toscano said.

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