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Paris Hilton's July 4th Drama

A night of fun at the beach for Paris Hilton and her friends turned scary when the celebutante spotted a man who's been arrested before for trying to get close to her.   

Hilton celebrated Independence Day at her Malibu beach home, wearing a sexy white mini dress and sailor hat.

But moments after Hilton and her friends went to the cabana, things got ugly.

Sheriff's deputies were called after Hilton spotted a man, now identified as James Rainford, lurking on the beach. Rainford was busted twice before on charges that he was trying to get too close to the heiress.

Deputies cuffed Rainford and took him off to the station, where he's being held on suspicion of violating a protective order that he stay at least 200 yards away from Hilton.

The order was put in effect after an incident in April when Rainford attacked Hilton's boyfriend Cy Waits outside a courthouse.

Hilton's bodyguard took Rainford down and then marched him off to a police station.

Bizarrely, Rainford claimed Hilton promised to marry him.

"I've already proposed to her and her dad already said yes," Rainford said.

Rainford pled no contest to misdemeanor battery and served just 24 days in the county jail because of overcrowding.

Post beach bust, Hilton can rest easy knowing that Rainford is once again in police custody.

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