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Construction Worker Dubbed the "Subway Sinatra"

Does this blue-eyed singer in a hard hat remind you of another blue-eyed singer?

As everybody knows, Ol' Blue Eyes is the legendary Frank Sinatra. But nobody knew until now that an iron worker named Gary Russo with a velvet voice is a remarkable Sinatra sound-a-like!

Russo is foreman on a major subway construction project in Manhattan. The work is noisy, so he decided to give the local residents some sweet sounds during his lunch hour.

The crowds went wild for the "Subway Sinatra" including his fellow hard hats.

Russo told INSIDE EDITION, "People started to like it, and it took off."

What triggered this sudden transformation from foreman of the crew to Chairman of the Board?

"When I turned 50, I said, let me get back to what I love to do. I love singing," said Russo.

The Subway Sinatra's fan base grows bigger by the day, and as for his musical future? We predict that when he's 51, it will be a very good year.

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