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Rosie O'Donnell Reveals She Had Weight Loss Surgery

A big revelation has come from Rosie O'Donnell—she has undergone weight loss surgery!

She made the announcement Friday at an American Heart Association event in Detroit.

A reporter covering the event tweeted: "Rosie O'Donnell says she had weight loss surgery done last year. 'You’re the first people I’m telling publicly.'"

O'Donnell promptly retweeted the post.

Another reporter at the event tweeted that O'Donnell was 'Noticeably thinner" and that "She’s lost 40 pounds, (and) says she needs to lose 40 more."

O’Donnell never mentioned the surgery when she appeared on The View a week ago, but she did talk about her health issues, saying, “I had a major heart attack."

She weighed 220 pounds when she suffered the heart attack in 2012. She is now apparently down to 180 pounds.

The women on The View noted O’Donnell’s healthy appearance. Jenny McCarthy said, "You do look amazing since the last time I saw you!"

O’Donnell joins the growing list of celebrities who've undergone weight loss surgery, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Al Roker, Star Jones and Carnie Wilson.

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