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Bruce Jenner Confirms Gender Transition: For All Intents and Purposes, I Am a Woman

Five minutes into Bruce Jenner’s highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner finally put years of speculation to rest with one sentence: “Yes, for all intents and purposes,” he says, “I am a woman.”

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Jenner was candid while answering questions about his life that those less familiar with transgender issues may have, but Jenner was clear to point out that he is not a spokesman for all transgender people.

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Among stories of Jenner’s childhood, Olympic years, family life, and transition, Jenner clarified the following details:

Jenner once considered suicide. After paparazzi photographed him outside an appointment for a procedure to reduce the size and appearance of his Adam’s apple, Bruce says he thought, “Wouldn’t the easiest thing be to go in the room, get a gun, boom. It’s over.”

Throughout the interview, Jenner showed a range of emotions, but was quick to point out, “One thing that is important through this whole process is that we have to keep our sense of humor about this. It's actually pretty funny, me of all people, Bruce Jenner... you know, has to deal with these issues, literally running away from all this stuff.”

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Jenner’s outlook remains bright, as he told Sawyer, “If this is the only problem I have in life.. I got it made. If its only this I will be okay,” adding, “I got my health, I got my children , I got my family, I got seven grandkids now. I am actually really excited about the future about what I could do. To be able to do some real good in the world.”

See how the Jenner family and all of America prepared for Bruce's big interivew in the video below.

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