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Watch a Dog Use a Paintbrush, Solve Puzzles and Find Your Cell Phone

Playing Watch a Dog Use a Paintbrush, Solve Puzzles and Find Your Cell Phone

Could your dog be a genius? A new show is explaining how you can tell if your dog is more skilled than others.

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Oksana, the black Labrador retriever holds a paintbrush in her mouth and uses a canvas to paint abstract art.

The pup is part of National Geographic WILD’s upcoming show, Is Your Dog a Genius premiering on Friday.

Oksana is a service dog who can not only paint, she also can solve puzzles, find a cell phone when an owner drops it and even help remove a coat.

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Duke University dog scientist, Dr. Brian Hare tells INSIDE EDITION, “She has amazing skills to help people, she’s even an artist, but, when you have her play games that measure how she thinks you can directly compare your dog to other dogs and find out exactly how they solve problems.”

While we can’t say Oksana’s painting is a masterpiece, it is pretty good for a dog!

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