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Watch Man Show Off Smooth 'Dad Dance' Moves at Concert

Playing Watch Man Show Off Smooth 'Dad Dance' Moves at Concert

A man has no shame and broke out all the right "dad dance" moves.

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A video was captured by Andy Morris at The Vamps concert at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England.

Morris captioned the video, “Check out this video I shot of someone’s dad smashing the dance floor at The Vamps gig at Island Beats, Thorpe Park on the weekend.”

The unknown man, wearing a blue, collared T-shirt, side-steps, claps, shakes his shoulders and breaks out a spin, all while never realizing that he’s being recorded.

But just when you think his moves can’t get any better, he does "the robot" and the signature Michael Jackson "Moonwalk."

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INSIDE EDITION has had a blast all day watching this guy “dad dance” on repeat.

If you love watching dad’s dance, check out this father and son’s awesome pajama dance!

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