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10-Year-Old Boy and His Duck Are the Best of Friends

Playing 10-Year-Old Boy and His Duck Are the Best of Friends

This 10-year-old boy has an unlikely best friend: a duck named Nibbles.

Nibbles is so devoted to Jonny Toschi that he waits for him to get off the school bus every day.

Nibbles and Jonny live in Madera, California and video of their affection for one another has gone viral.

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Jonny has cared for Nibbles since he hatched about a year ago and they've been inseparable ever since.

They do everything together, such as taking bike rides and watching TV. On hot days they even go swimming together.

Jonny has a cage right next to his bed so the two can even sleep close to each other.

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Jonny's mom, Jamie, records all their adventures like when they go fishing or when they take a trip to Home Depot.

There is no doubt that this duck is truly boy's best friend.

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