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Woman Wears Same Work Outfit Daily: People Pay Attention to What I Say, Not What I Wear

Playing Woman Wears Same Work Outfit Daily: People Pay Attention to What I Say, Not What I Wear

This career woman has revealed her secret for getting ready in a snap: wearing the same outfit every single day.

Amy Zinck, a 48-year-old a married mother-of-four, told INSIDE EDITION: "In the morning it takes about 15 minutes to get ready."

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For every day of the work week, she wears a black pant suit - she owns six of the exact same suit - and only changes her scarf and shoes before heading to work at Terra, an art gallery in Chicago.

Amy said she's always noticed how easy men have it getting ready for work.

“They pick a tie. They pick a suit. And out they go,” she said.

She said that by wearing the same outfit every day, she feels that her co-workers listen to what she is saying, rather than focus on what she is wearing.

INSIDE EDITION wanted to have a little fun, so we asked her to wear an evening dress to the office just for one day - and it definitely raised eyebrows.

One of her coworkers said: “In nine years I’ve never seen Amy in a dress.”

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But Amy said: “I don’t feel like myself.”

Not to worry - the next day Amy was back in the same outfit she wears every day of the week.

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