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New Miss America Defends Her 'Deflategate' Answer: 'I'm More a Theater Person'

Playing New Miss America Defends Her 'Deflategate' Answer: 'I'm More a Theater Person'

The new Miss America has defended her confusing answer about Deflategate during the pageant's Q&A round, saying: "I'm more of a theater person."

Betty Cantrell took the crown on Sunday following a knock-out performance during which she sang a song from the opera Madame Butterfly.

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On Tuesday, she stopped by INSIDE EDITION and said: "It is kind of surreal. I still have a hard time believing it is me." 

But her question-and-answer segment was kind of shaky. She was asked whether she thought Tom Brady cheated in the Deflategate scandal.

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent: “I had to ask him to re-ask the question the audience was screaming, and then when he asked it again, I didn't really hear him, just heard 'deflated ball' and 'Tom Brady.'"

Then she took a stab at answering.

She told the world: “I think I'd have to be there and see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated. If there was question there, then yes, I think he cheated. If there was any question to be had, I think that he definitely cheated and that he should have been suspended for that. That’s not fair."

So Trent decided to give Miss America a re-do and re-ask the question -- exactly the way it was posed during the pageant.

She replied: “I'm not a sports person at all, I like to watch football I don't really understand it. I'm more a theater person. I'll leave it up to sports fans the option of answering that question.”

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Last night, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at her answer by writing it out on a chalk board and read it word for word.

Betty now says she hopes to follow in the footsteps of another Miss America -- Vanessa Williams, whose return to the pageant after 31 years was a show highlight.

"I hope to end up in New York City on Broadway,” she said.

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