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Donald Trump Gave His Grade School Music Teacher a Black Eye, New Biography Claims

Playing Donald Trump Gave His Grade School Music Teacher a Black Eye, New Biography Claims

Donald Trump gave his grade-school music teacher a black eye, according to a new biography, Never Enough.

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Pulitzer-winning author Michael D'Antonio told INSIDE EDITION that even as a kid Trump had a big personality. He explained the story behind the black eye.

“The story was an eraser thrown at the wrong time," he said. "He was a kid who was a handful."

D'Antonio says Trump inherited his fighting spirit from his wealthy father, Fred.

“His father told him ‘Be a killer. Be a killer. Be a king. You're supposed to dominate. You're supposed to be in charge.’ This guy has the impulses of a monarch,” he said.

Trump's father sent him to a military school to straighten him out and he excelled but he never lost his mischievous streak.

“He's a showman," the author said. "He's astounding to watch. You tune in just to see what this guy is going to do. Part of Donald’s charm, even at 69, he has a boyish impish quality to him. He is like that kid who always wants attention good or bad he'll take it. He has that magic, he gets attention."

Trump initially co-operated with D'Antonio by granting him five interviews. But D'Antonio said the billionaire later cut him off after he interviewed a man Trump deemed to be an enemy.

The author claims: “He had an assistant call me and said, ‘Did you talk to so and so? You talked to him and now you can’t talk to us.'"

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Trump is also reportedly not happy with the title of the book.

“I got a call from one of his lawyers. He said ‘You got a problem.’ The problem is the title, they didn’t like the title,” D’Antonio said.

“They wanted it to be all-American. I finally said, 'is there never enough for this guy?' and he laughed and said: ‘You're right, there really is never enough,’” he said.

Click Here to Download a PDF and Read an Excerpt from the Book

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