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Young ISIS Boy Calls Obama a 'Dog,' Threatens: 'We Will Cut Your Filthy Head!'

Playing Young ISIS Boy Calls Obama a 'Dog,' Threatens: 'We Will Cut Your Filthy Head!'

In the latest social media taunt from ISIS, a child was recruited to make threats against President Obama.

In the video, the boy, who looks to be about nine or 10 years old, poses with a rocket launcher that probably weighs more than he does.

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He calls Obama a "dog" and threatens: "We will cut your filthy head."

In another newly released video, alleged black-market smugglers selling dirty bombs targeting America are taken down.

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Gangs with suspected links to Russian intelligence tried to sell the nuclear material to ISIS - but the plot was foiled by the FBI and local authorities.

Security expert Karen Greenberg told INSIDE EDITION: "The biggest damage of a radiological device going off would be psychological, in terms of terrorizing everybody about what it had contaminated."

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