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Ronda Rousey Gives Words of Encouragement to Paralyzed MMA Fighter: 'Your Work Isn't For Nothing'

Playing Ronda Rousey Gives Words of Encouragement to Paralyzed MMA Fighter: 'Your Work Isn't For Nothing'

Ronda Rousey gave moral support in a new video to paralyzed MMA fighter, Steve Watts, who suffered a severe injury last year during a fight that left him immobile from the neck down.

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Rousey learned of the fighter’s condition and reached out to him. He posted her message on Facebook:

In the video, she said: “I can’t possibly understand everything that you’re going through, but if I’ve ever learned anything, it’s that being in pursuit of a near impossible goal is one of the most rewarding endeavors that you can ever embark on. I really hope that you see and seek all of the possible rewards that you can reap from all of this.”

She added: “I admire all of the hard work that you've been doing and I hope that you keep all of the faith that I also have, that it's all going to be for a purpose and a reason. And your work isn't for nothing, it's going to pay off."

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A very touched Watts replied to Rousey’s message with one of his own:


Number 2 of 2My response to Ronda.

Posted by Steve Watts on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In his video, he said “it shows a lot of kindness” about her actions.

Watts gets around using an mouth-operated wheelchair, similar to one Christopher Reeve once used. He is currently in rehabilitation and hopes to one day gain back his mobility.

He is a true fighter – in and out of the cage.

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