Heartwarming Photo Shows Cop Comforting Distraught Boy Who'd Lost His Parents

Heartwarming Photo Shows Cop Comforting Distraught Boy Who'd Lost His Parents Crowley, Louisiana police officer David Taylor was captured comforting a boy who'd lost his parents just as he fell asleep on the officer's shoulder

A photo of a Louisiana police officer is warming hearts coast-to-coast and casting cops everywhere in a softer light.

Officer David Taylor of the Crowley, Louisiana Police Department was at the town's International Rice Festival over the weekend when he found a distraught boy who'd lost his parents.

Taylor stayed with the boy until his guardian could be found. But before that could happen, a touched attendee snapped a photo just as the boy had fallen asleep on Taylor's shoulder.

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'Men in blue....Good cops Lil lost boy at Festival been holding him over 30 min,' gushed Deanna Kebodeaux Latiolais in a Facebook post on Saturday. 

Kebodeaux's post has since been shared hundreds of times by her friends and loved ones.

The photo of Taylor and the boy has also become a viral sensation as supporters of the boys in blue share the photo as proof that cops truly are there to help.

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For his part, Taylor doesn't think the photo is anything special.

"At the end of the day, I only did what all my colleagues were doing," he told KATC. "It's just that this one was caught on camera."

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