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Man Rescues a Lonely Pelican and Teaches Him How to Fish

Playing Man Rescues a Lonely Pelican and Teaches Him How to Fish

A man who took a lonely pelican under his wing has now taught him how to fish.

An incredible video shared by GoPro shows safari camp manager Jeffrey taking the pelican out on the water at Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania. The pelican, named Bigbird, moved into the camp after he became separated from his flock during a storm in November 2013.

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"He's adopted our camp as his flock now," Jeffrey explains in the video. "We've been teaching him pretty much everything he needs to know. We want to get him fishing for himself."

He explains that pelicans usually fish in pairs so it'll be difficult for him working alone.

And at first, it looks unlikely Bigbird will catch anything. He simply opens his beak in the hope that a fish will swim inside. Eventually he gives up and perches on top of Jeffrey in the kayak instead.

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But at the end of the video, after going out each morning for a lesson, Bigbird can be seen flying back to the shore with a fish in its beak - before he gladly gobbles up the lunch.

"Wait, did he get one?" Jeffrey asks. "He did! Good boy!"

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