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Janice Dickinson's Fiance Reveals Results of His Plastic Surgery

Playing Janice Dickinson's Fiance Reveals Results of His Plastic Surgery

Janice Dickinson's fiancé, psychiatrist Rocky Gerner, is revealing the results of his plastic surgery.

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei told him before the operation: “It's going to look very nice, very natural.”

Rocky was given only local anesthesia.

Surgery was expected to take three to four hours but there was a complication. Rocky’s blood pressure spiked and his skin proved tougher to sculpt than the doctor anticipated.

Finally after seven hours, he was done.

The doctor said: “His went over because of difficulty. He had a blood pressure issue."

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Rocky was swollen and exhausted. So how does he look now? He looks years younger and has a sharper jawline.

Watch Below: Janice Dickinson's Fiance Gets 7-Hour Surgery for Wedding

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