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Real Housewife Says Twin Daughter Wants to Dress as a Boy: 'Anything They Want to Be is Fine'

Playing Real Housewife Says Twin Daughter Wants to Dress as a Boy: 'Anything They Want to Be is Fine'

Jesse and Zoe Barshop are energetic five-year-old twins; they are inseparable but they are very different. People assume Jesse is a boy but the twins are actually sisters.

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Their mother is Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop. From a very early age, she says Jesse wanted to dress like a boy.

“I was trying to find very girly tomboy clothes for her, and we were out and she said: ‘mommy, I want to go here.’ It was the boy’s section,” she said.

She doesn’t like wearing a dress and her mom says she "gravitates to hang out with the boys more because of the sports and Zoe, the girls."

Cindy added: But the point is I’m not putting any type of label on anything right now - just let them be happy. Labeling what they want to be and what they should be – no. Anything you wanna be is fine.”

Cindy says no matter what, she'll be supportive. No secrets or shame in her house, she says.

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“I think it is so sad when we hear about Caitlyn Jenner and what a miserable person she must have been living for other people,” Cindy said.

The proud mom added: “Whatever she wants to do when she gets older, she will do. Will I ever want to change that? Absolutely not.”

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