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Couple Spends $100,000 To Have Their Dead Dog Cloned

Playing Couple Spends $100,000 To Have Their Dead Dog Cloned

A British couple saw their beloved dog reborn when a boxer puppy created using DNA from their deceased pup was born.

Laura Jacques, 29, and Richard Remde, 43, spent $100,000 to clone their dog, Dylan, two weeks after he had passed away.

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The couple were crestfallen after Dylan died in June of a brain tumor and enlisted the services of Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea. 

The clinic used DNA samples from Dylan and placed it in a surrogate, who gave birth to the new puppy, Chance, the day after Christmas. It was the first time in history that a dog was cloned from DNA of a dead pooch. The surrogate also gave birth to another dog named Shadow, naturally. 

Chance was named after Jacques' favorite film, Homeward Bound.

Jacques told The Guardian: "The whole thing just feels surreal. I lost all sense of time. I have no idea how long everything took, the whole thing made me feel very disoriented. I was just clinging on to Richard for about an hour-and-a-half after Chance was born.”

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She added: “I had had Dylan since he was a puppy. I mothered him so much; he was my baby, my child, my entire world.”

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