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Man Arrested After Allegedly Posting A Video Of Himself Drinking Behind The Wheel

Playing Man Arrested After Allegedly Posting A Video Of Himself Drinking Behind The Wheel

An Ohio man was arrested after he allegedly recorded a video of himself drinking what appeared to be alcohol while driving and posted the footage on Monday to Facebook.

Deputies arrested 28-year-old Dustin Rittgers after they received a tip of a man driving erratically while filming himself on a cellphone drinking.

The 12-second video shows a man sitting in a vehicle, looking into the camera, raising his eyebrows and taking a swig from a partially covered bottle.

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He doesn't speak in the video, but allegedly defended his actions after posting the footage to Facebook, writing, “I am a good driver, don’t worry.”

"I've got one finger on the steering wheel Facebooking while it's raining. Smh, i am good. I am a pro,” he also allegedly wrote.

Dispatchers were able to track down Rittgers by examining the video he is accused of posting.

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He pleaded not guilty to charges including operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs and having an open container in a vehicle, Newsday reported.

Rittgers pleaded guilty earlier this year in a separate impaired-driving case, in which he was stopped in September 2014 by state troopers, the paper wrote.

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