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The Animals That Got Our Attention in 2015

Playing The Animals That Got Our Attention in 2015

From a fire starting pooch to a walking bear, 2015 saw a slew of videos of animals during moments that shocked viewers.

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INSIDE EDITION looks back at the animals that made headlines this year.

A dog was seen in a video taken in July scampering on the cliff of a spectacular spot in Hawaii known as China Walls, famed for its big waves.

A huge wave swept the terrified little guy off the cliff and into the water. As a rescue effort took place, a drone managed to capture all of the action.

Bears were everywhere in 2015.

There was an unbelievable scene at a New Jersey home as a momma bear and her five cubs decided to have a pool party over the summer.

There was also Jules, the French Bulldog who staked claim to his house when some unwelcome bears paid a visit in October.

Another bear causally walked around a New Jersey neighborhood on its hind legs.

Residents have dubbed the black bear Pedals, a play on the word "bipedal," which means an animal that only uses two legs for walking.

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This year could also be considered the year of the shark.

A group of men hooked a massive shark in June and hauled it onto the beach. One of the men could be seen daringly inspecting its teeth.

There was a heart-stopping moment Australian pro surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark in South Africa. He was in the water, and then out of nowhere, a huge fin appeared.

Fanning escaped without injuries, later saying: "I punched the shark in the back."

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