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Meet Quasimodo, The Dog With a Short Spine

Playing Meet Quasimodo, The Dog With a Short Spine

This pup with short spine syndrome is one of a kind, but not just because of the way he looks.

"He's the sweetest ever!" Rachel Mairose, the director of Secondhand Hounds, told INSIDE EDITION. "He could not have a better temperament."

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Mairose is now helping the five-year-old German Shepherd, Quasimodo, find a new home.

Quasimodo is one of just 13 documented cases of short spine syndrome, an apparently genetic condition that leaves him with a shortened body. But what Quasi lacks in size, he makes up for in heart.

"He is such a love machine!" Mairose said. "He wants to cuddle and curl up into your lap. He gives tons of sweet kisses and is very affectionate."

He was found as a stray in Kentucky and taken to Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota, where the staff had never seen a case like his. 

Another worker said she named him Quasimodo, after the protagonist in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, because of his special personality.

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"Born different but never knowing any other way, he seeks to please the people who have shown him kind hands and warm hearts," the staff member explained. "He may not be as pretty as many dogs on the outside, but his heart and soul shine through."

For more information about Quasi, visit his Facebook page and the Secondhand Hounds' website.

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