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Polar Bear Cub Sees Snow For The First Time

Playing Polar Bear Cub Sees Snow For The First Time

You may be bored of the cold already, but this tiny polar bear cub is only just getting started.

The three-month-old bear was introduced to snow at the Toronto Zoo for the first time last week and, as video shows, she was more than happy to explore the new surroundings.

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She will be spending more time outside to familiarize herself with the enclosure where she'll eventually live, the Toronto Zoo said on Facebook.

The unnamed cub, who is not yet viewable by the public, has been living in the maternity den since her birth in November. Her twin passed away shortly after they were born, but this cub continues to grow and now weighs a healthy 16.5 pounds.

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The zoo will be announcing the date of her public debut soon, it said.

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