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Jackie Kennedy's Lookalike Granddaughter Stars in New Web Series

Playing Jackie Kennedy's Lookalike Granddaughter Stars in New Web Series

A new comedy series on YouTube called End Times Girls Club is getting a lot of attention because of its star. 

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But the show’s lead actress belongs to political royalty, not Hollywood celebrity. 

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, Jackie Kennedy’s granddaughter, is the spitting image of the legendary first lady. They have similar eyes, smile and brunette hair. She's being dubbed "Jackie 2.0".

Rose is the eldest daughter of Caroline Kennedy and husband Ed Schlossberg. Now 27 years old, she's a graduate of Harvard and has a master's degree from NYU.

Rose has largely stayed out of the spotlight but that seems to be changing thanks to her new comedy show.

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In the book, American Legacy: The Story of John and Caroline Kennedy, author Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. wrote that the young lady is the future of the famous family.

“In many respects, she is the face and future of the clan,” he wrote.

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