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Reporter Shrieks As Parrot Lands On Her Shoulder Live On TV

Playing Reporter Shrieks As Parrot Lands On Her Shoulder Live On TV

Australian reporter Brittney Kleyn was given the fright of her life when a parrot landed on her shoulder... and wouldn't let go.

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Kleyn, who works for Nine News in Queensland, shrieked as the bird landed on her shoulder in the middle of her stand-up, moments before she went live. Kleyn could be heard saying to her colleagues: "It's not funny, it's not funny!"

She tried to remain as calm as still as possible, as she attempted to shoo the parrot away with her notes.

"Oh my god I can't get it off me, can you please get it off me," she said, on camera, with panic in her voice.

She later tweeted: "Now we're besties!"


Following the parrot's appearance on live television, Nine News reported that owner Michelle Mills from Queensland received phone calls flooding in, saying: "We've seen your bird on the news!"



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Kleyn and Lola the parrot then had a sweet second meeting, where the reporter welcomed Lola to perch on her shoulder.

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