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Cops Discover Man Asleep in a Clothes Dryer During a Raid

Playing Cops Discover Man Asleep in a Clothes Dryer During a Raid

During a raid, cops say they discovered a bizarre addition to the contraband. A man was curled up, fast asleep in the clothes dryer, as cops were busy taking inventory.

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When cops raided an Alabama home earlier this week, they arrested nine and saw drug items in plain view, they said.

Officers then began what became a lengthy inventory process, according to the Brookside Police Department's Facebook page.

The site said officers collecting contraband heard a "snoring" noise coming from a clothes dryer that was three feet away.

Cops discovered a man inside the dryer, "folded up like he was in a shirt pocket," Sgt. Watkins described on the social site.

Police said Michael Christopher Davis told the officers: "I was trying to hide, and y'all just stayed too long. I fell asleep."

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Davis, 31, was booked into the Jefferson County Jail, police said. It was not clear what charges he may face. Online records show no release date.

Calls by to police were not immediately returned Friday.

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