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Family Welcomes First Baby Girl in More Than 100 Years

Playing Family Welcomes First Baby Girl in More Than 100 Years

For the first time in more than 100 years, the Underdahl family has welcomed a baby girl into its midst.

“We all expected it to be a boy,” said grandpa Conrad Underdahl. “I had four boys. I was a single boy. I expected it to be a boy,” he told IE.

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The last time a girl was born into the family was 1914. Then along came Auerelia, who arrived on April 12 and broke the long tradition.

Mom Ashton Underdahl, who has a toddler son named Archer, also expected her second child to be a boy.

“I had actually already bought little boy bedding for baby number two and then I found out it was a girl,” she said.

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When a sonogram showed her baby was a girl, the family had a hard time believing it.

But now they are tickled pink.

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