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Teen Prankster Convinces Museum Goers That Glasses He Put On the Floor Are Art

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A teen prankster pulled the wool over some musuem visitors' eyes using a pair of glasses.

TJ Khayatan was at the recently reopened San Francisco Museum of Art when he as his friends decided to play a joke on the museum goers who were ogling the art.

Thinking they could dupe the visitors into thinking anything was a valuable museum piece, Khayatan and his friends placed the 17-year-old's spectacles on the floor by a blank wall.

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And, as HuffPost first reported, the prank worked.

Khayatan posted photos to Twitter that show visitors pausing to appreciate the fake installation.

Some visitors even took photos of Khayatan's glasses.

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"LMAO WE PUT GLASSES ON THE FLOOR AT AN ART GALLERY AND..." the teen wrote with the several photos he posted.

Museum officials eventually got wind of the joke and, instead of being angry, they complimented Khayatan.

"Do we have a Marcel Duchamp in our midst," the museum replied to Khayatan's post, referencing the famous French conceptual artist.

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