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Man Arrested After He Slaps Woman in a Wheelchair During Live TV News Shot

Playing Man Arrested After He Slaps Woman in a Wheelchair During Live TV News Shot

A  60-year-old man was arrested by Phoenix police after he was caught on camera slapping a woman in a wheelchair during a live television spot, authorities said.

The incident happened during a broadcast by KPNX-TV outside a downtown courthouse. Over the shoulder of newsman Joe Dana, a man is seen standing behind a wheelchair carrying a slumped-over woman.

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The man appears to roughly hoist the woman by her shoulders, then drop her against the back of the chair. Next, he smacks her on the side of her head, the video appears to show.

It occurred during the station’s 6 p.m. newscast, and prompted a flood of calls to the newsroom and police, authorities said.

Officers went to the scene and arrested Randall Burgess, who was still there with the woman. Police said the two are romantically involved.

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Burgess was charged with misdemeanor assault and released, authorities said.  The woman appeared incoherent, police said, and she was escorted to her nearby apartment complex.

Both the man and the woman showed signs of being intoxicated, authorities said.

According to court records, Burgess has previous convictions for charges that include disorderly conduct and assault, the station reported.

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