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Snoozing Baby Snuggles With Dogs For Adorable Photographs: 'It Literally Happens Every Day'

Playing Snoozing Baby Snuggles With Dogs For Adorable Photographs: 'It Literally Happens Every Day'

A Canadian mom has garnered tens of thousands of new Instagram fans, thanks to the touching moments she has captured of her son and beloved family dogs cuddling as they sleep.

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Elizabeth Spence, from Winnipeg, first started photographing her son Archie as soon as she brought him home from the hospital as a newborn, and it didn’t take long for her adoring rescued pets to want in on the action, especially Spence’s 8-year-old English pointer, Nora.

"Almost from the beginning, she would try to be near when I was nursing him, but at around 4 months she just started laying beside him. He’s a sweet baby and doesn’t cry much and I think she responds to his quiet nature,” Spence told

I think Remington might be getting a little jealous of the attention Nora has been receiving lately, as this morning she made sure to be first in line for morning cuddles with Archie. Archie seems pretty happy either way ❤️ . For those of you unfamiliar with Remington, she's Nora's daughter. When Nora was surrendered to a rescue shelter seven years ago, she was pregnant with a litter of pups. Remington is one of those pups! We had the great fortune to adopt Remington this past January and reintroduce her to her mama when her original adoptive family was no longer able to keep her due to a change in life circumstances. She is as kind, loyal and loving as her mama and we are so happy to have her in our family and to be able to show yet again what amazing animals rescue dogs are! #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop . PS - some of you have expressed concern about Remington's weight in some past photos. Rest easy. Remington has a recently diagnosed severe food intolerance. She's on a special, strict new diet and her weight has been increasing dramatically, as I think this photo attests. Thanks for caring! 😊 Fujifilm-XT1

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😘 . And why should Nora have all the fun? While she was downstairs (likely raiding someone's food bowl!) Miss Remington moved in to supervise Archie's afternoon nap. That boy is LOVED!! ❤️ #nappingwithremington #everybodylovesarchie . Fujifilm-XT1 #myfujifilm

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Spence, a mother of three and owner of six rescued animals, said as unique as the photos may seem, they are actually an everyday occurrence in the family’s household.

“Literally every day it happens. I could post a photo every day on Instagram if I wanted to. If Nora’s not in our bed she’s somewhere near Archie’s crib, and if he’s not there she’s at the base of the bed all the time,” Spence said.

The photos have become huge hits on Instagram, often featuring the dogs and Archie snuggling with stuffed animals or lightsabers while they cuddle each other, or the two staring out windows together.

“I started to document it and I thought it would be funny to add some props, and for the most part the dogs would just find their way there,” Spence said.

Spence said her other English pointer, who happens to be Nora’s daughter, Remington, also loves to join in on the cuddling sessions, as do her three rescued cats, which are often featured sleeping next to Archie.

“I have three dogs, three cats, and they are all rescues. One is quite old and likes to be alone and other are two pointers,” Spence told

ArchieD2 and Bob. These are undoubtedly the droids you're looking for 😜 . Robot onesie and hat @thewishingelephant ❤️ Fujifilm-XT1

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1/3rd of our kids; 2/3rds of our dogs and cats; zero representation of my husband or myself. Anyone besides me think it's time we invested in a king-sized bed? 😂 #archietheanimalwhisperer . FUJIFILM-XT1 #fujifilm_Xseries #myfujifilm #fujifeed

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Spence thinks part of the reason why the photos have become so popular is due to how much happiness babies and dogs naturally bring to people.

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“People just feel that its just an image of happiness and joy, and people just like to see images that make them happy. Nothing does that more than a dog and a baby together,” Spence said.

All cuteness aside, however, Spence also hopes the photos share a stronger message to their viewers about the importance of rescuing animals in need of loving homes.

“Part of the reason why I post these photos is because I think it’s important for people to see that rescue animals are great family dogs. Sometimes they get a bad rap for being damaged goods, when they are really great pets to have,” said Spence.

You can find more of Spence's beautiful photos at her Instagram page, @Wellettas.

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