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An Elephant Never Forgets: Mother Brings Newborn to Animal Sanctuary That Raised Her

Playing An Elephant Never Forgets: Mother Brings Newborn to Animal Sanctuary That Raised Her

A newborn elephant calf surprised the staff at a Kenyan animal sanctuary after her mother brought her there shortly after she had given birth.

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For seven years, Galana the elephant was raised inside the quarters of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after being discovered alone, weak and fragile in the Kenyan bush.

In 2011, the trust felt they had nurtured her enough to release her back into the wild and live a normal life like the rest of her species. By making periodic visits back to the sanctuary, Galana never strayed too far from the humans that rehabilitated her and never forgot the impact and importance they had on her life.

In early September, she shocked the staff at the Trust by presenting her newborn calf that was delivered in the wild not too far from the sanctuary.

According to the Trust’s Facebook page: "She was escorted by five wild bulls and our dependent orphans Laragai and Narok were able to be the first nannies to the tiny baby once they left the confines of the night stockades."

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The Trust said that the elephants were trumpeting and charging around in celebration of new life.

The folks at the Trust named the calf Gawa, which in Swahili means "Share." An appropriate name for the news that the animal felt it needed to share with her human counterparts.

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