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Elderly Couple Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Putting On Their Original Wedding Outfits

Playing Elderly Couple Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Putting On Their Original Wedding Outfits

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, this English couple took a trip down memory lane by putting on their original wedding clothes.

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Carole-Ann Stanfield, 71, and Jim Stanfield, 74, from Birmingham attended their golden anniversary party, dressed up in a white lace gown, and sleek black suit matched with a sharp yellow tie - the same gown and suit they wore 50 years ago, at their wedding.

"It is amazing we still fit into our original outfits and even more amazing that we still have them," said Carole-Ann Stanfield.

The couple first met at a working men's club, and tied the knot four years later, in 1966.

Since the big day, their wedding gown and suit have been stowed away in the attic, untouched for the next 50 years.

As their half-century anniversary approached, their granddaughter Hayley Stanfield, 23, suggested they take their wedding outfits out of storage, and try them on again.

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To everyone's surprise, the outfits were still a perfect fit.

They went on to celebrate the occasion in among friends and family, who congratulated them on more than 50 years in love.

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