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Zookeeper and Orphaned Possum Prove That True Bromance Knows No Boundaries

Playing Zookeeper and Orphaned Possum Prove That True Bromance Knows No Boundaries

True bromance knows no boundaries—just ask this zookeeper and his ringtail possum buddy.

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Gaz, the ringtail possum, arrived at the Symbio Wildlife Park after being found orphaned and all alone several months ago.

According to a press release by the zoo, officials believe the poor possum lost its mother to a cat.

Luckily for critter, zookeeper Jarrad at the Symbio Wildlife Park intervened, and took on the role of Gaz's dad when he nursed it back to health.

In that time, their inseparable bond grew into a unconventional bromance.

In a video posted to the zoo's Facebook, Gaz could be seen eating fruit from his hands, or crawling up and down his sleeves.

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"When Gaz wants to go off exploring, all Keeper Jarrad needs to do is be nearby and Gaz will run along the branches and launch himself onto Jarrad, before taking comfort in the warmth of his shirt pockets," the zoo said, in a statement.

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