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New Poll Gives Trump Slight Bump Over Clinton Following Latest Email Inquiry

Playing New Poll Gives Trump Slight Bump Over Clinton Following Latest Email Inquiry

A new poll says Donald Trump has taken a slight lead over Hillary Clinton for the first time.

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In the latest ABC News / Washington Post poll, Trump is at 46 percent with Clinton close behind at 45 percent. The poll was taken after the stunning email revelation.

In a newly-released NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll, Clinton maintains a six-point lead over Trump — 47 to 41 percent.

Tuesday’s New York Post headline screamed "Premature Elation," reporting that the Clinton campaign is planning a huge fireworks display on the Hudson River near the Javits Center on Election Night — assuming she wins.

Trump also finds himself at the center of controversy. A new report from alleges that the GOP presidential candidate had a server with ties to Russian banks.

The Trump campaign has denounced the article and according to the New York Times the FBI has: “ultimately concluded that there could be an innocuous explanation, like a marketing email or spam, for the computer contacts.”

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After the news broke Monday night, Clinton took to Twitter to raise alarm about the Slate articles recent findings.

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