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65 Years After Their Parents Broke Them Up, Couple Finally Gets Married

Playing 65 Years After Their Parents Broke Them Up, Couple Finally Gets Married

Meddling parents may have kept them apart, but the bonds of love ultimately triumphed 65 years later as Helen Andre and Davy Moakes finally made it down the aisle.

This time, it was Andre’s daughter, Debbie Williams, who stuck her nose in the British couple’s business.

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After her mother was widowed for the third time, Williams went looking for Moakes, knowing her mom still carried a torch for the dapper man from her past.

“They got to talking and rekindled their relationship and they fell madly in love,” Williams told the BBC. “I am so happy for them.”

In 1951, Andre and Moakes were supposed to get married. They were both in art school, and were crazy about each other.

But Andre’s parents did not think an artist made for a proper husband, and they ordered their daughter to call off the proceedings.

“It broke both their hearts, but in those days you did as you were told,” Williams said.

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The two went on to marry other people. Today, both are grandparents.

Andre, 82, and Moakes, 86, were married last week.

“If you love someone as much as we do, it never goes away,” he said.

“I’ve loved him all my life,” said his new bride.

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