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Stinky Surprise: Thief Tries to Snatch Package on Porch, Makes Off With Box of Feces Instead

Playing Stinky Surprise: Thief Tries to Snatch Package on Porch, Makes Off With Box of Feces Instead

A crook skulking around a California neighborhood in search of packages left outside homes likely got an unpleasant surprise when he snatched a box full of feces left for the crook as payback for a series of robberies.

Mike Zaremba and a friend came up with the plot for revenge after three parcels left at his Riverside home’s porch went missing, he told KCBS.

“So [it was] just trying to get back at somebody,” he told the television station.

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Zaremba invited over friends and their eight dogs to celebrate his and his wife’s dog’s birthday, collecting the pooches’ poops for a foul parting gift that would hopefully send the unknown bandit running.

After sealing a box filled with eight dogs’ worth of feces, Zaremba left the package on his front porch.

And it reportedly didn’t take long for a thief to snatch the bait.

“He dropped it as soon as he found out,” Ronel Newton of the Riverside Police Department told KCBS. “He didn’t want nothing to do with it and kept on riding.”

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But authorities said they eventually caught up to the alleged suspect, who they identified as Daniel Aldama.

Aldama was arrested on December 7 and is in custody at the Southwest Detention Center, according to online records.

He was charged with petty theft, a misdemeanor, and violation of state parole, a felony. No bail has been set.

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