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Burglar Calls 911 When Homeowner Returns Unexpectedly

Operator: "911."
Burglar: "I just broke into a house, and the owners came home."
Operator: "You broke into a house?"

The 911 operator who took this call could not believe that the caller, Timothy Chapek, was calling to report that he'd broken into a house!

So why did the burglar call 911? He got scared when the homeowner came home unexpectedly, and caught him taking a shower in the bathroom!

Chapek: "I think they have guns."
Operator: "Okay, where are you?"
Chapek: "They can hear me."

In the background of the 911 call, the homeowner can be heard confronting the Chapek.

Homeowner: "Why are you in my house taking a shower?"
Chapek: "I'm sorry."
Homeowner: "Who are you?"
Chapek: "My name is Timothy Chapek."
Homeowner: "Why are you in my house?"
Chapek: "I broke in."
Homeowner: "I'm calling the police."
Chapek: "I've already called them; they're on the phone right now."

Then the homeowner made her own call.

Homeowner: "He was in the bathroom, and the door's shut. I said, 'Who the hell are you?' "
Operator: "Did he sound like he was high or drunk?"
Homeowner: "Well, he's obviously nuts."  

Chapek was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

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