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14-Month-Old Gets 'Evicted' in Family's Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

Playing 14-Month-Old Gets 'Evicted' in Family's Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

Time to find a new crib, kid.

14-month-old Summer Rayne was served an eviction notice in a cute pregnancy announcement by her parents, Georgia couple Sharana and Aaron Horton.

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A photo of Summer Rayne crying alongside the notice and a sonogram of their future baby boy were recently posted to Facebook.

“Please Note That Your "Only-Child" Status Will Expire Within 18 Weeks. You are required to VACATE the Premises as a New Tenant is Expected on June 25, 2017. Thanks, Management aka Mommy and Da Da,” the notice read.

Sharana Horton said she was cleaning to make room for their new addition when she thought of the idea.

“I was cleaning out her room to make room for the new baby. I had a lot of stuff packed up in baskets and bags to donate and give away,” Horton told “When my husband came home, he said, 'Who’s getting evicted' as a joke. I said, 'We’re not, but she is.'"

The couple decided to take the idea and run with it.

"I had been thinking of a way to announce it,” Horton said. “We came up with the notice and the sonogram idea.”

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And to get her crying they took some food away from her.

"We gave her a piece of pizza crust and took it away with her for a couple of seconds and she started crying and I snapped some photos," Horton said. "A lot of people thought it was so funny."

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