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Teen Runs More Than 5 Miles to Ask His Girlfriend to Prom

Playing Teen Runs More Than 5 Miles to Ask His Girlfriend to Prom

An Ohio teen got creative with his “promposal” by running more than 5 miles just to ask his girlfriend to the dance.

Joran Fuller, 17, and his girlfriend, Claire Short, both love to run and so Fuller took the opportunity to do something he knew she’d like as a way to ask her to prom.

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Fuller ran 5.5 miles along a route that spelled out the word “Prom?” and recorded it on the running app Strava.

He bought Short red roses and then had her pull up the app to ask.

She said yes.

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‘It was cool for me because we are both runners so it made it personal,” Short told

Short, of course, quickly tweeted about his unique way of asking and it quickly garnered attention.

“But did your prom date run 5.5. miles to ask you,” Short wrote.

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