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9-Month-Old Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Rescue Boxer Tickles His Stomach

Playing 9-Month-Old Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Rescue Boxer Tickles His Stomach

A 2-year-old rescued Boxer is proving himself an ideal co-parent.

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Jeeves never fails to make 9-month old Graham laugh.

“He’s a lifesaver,” Katie Wahrhaftig, 35, of Brookfield, Illinois, told

In a video licensed by Caters News, Wahrhaftig can be seen tickling her son’s tummy.

Moments later, Jeeves follows suit, and nuzzles his nose into little Graham’s stomach, sending him in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

“Honest to God, no one can make Graham laugh like Jeeves,” Wahrhaftig said. “They’re funny, they’re a lot like siblings.”

She explained she and her husband had adopted Jeeves when she was five months pregnant.

“We had just lost our previous dog, which was the love of our lives,” she explained.

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Even though she was nervous introducing her newborn to a dog they had just recently adopted, within moments it was obvious they would become best of friends.

“Jeeves will go sit or lay down right next to him, and Graham will start pulling his tail or his ears,” she said. “He acts like it annoys him, yet he’ll sit closer to him.”

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